placing orders

Orders can be placed up to 48 hours in advance of the day you would like the lunch, with orders placed only online. Each school has a separate password and a menu can be accommodated to meet school preferences. No checks or cash are accepted.

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how we prepare your order

recycling program

The containers used in our program are recyclable. We follow the mandate of “Put Waste in Its Place” wherever we can. We provide the school with a litter free lunch as we take responsibility of all garbage. Our individual kids bags are thermal bags that are reusable. Our individual containers are recyclable and are collected by our staff and placed in a blue bin program. The food that is wasted is collected by our staff as well and placed in our green bin program. Rose Reisman collects and monitors each school with Blue Bin, Garbage and Green Bin. The Lunch Server employed by Rose Reisman Kids Lunch collects and monitors all garbage disposal. At the end of lunch – the lunch server returns all garbage (including green bin and blue bin) to Rose Reisman Catering upon request.
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