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“Get children eating nutritious, tasty food at an early age and I can guarantee they will eat healthy for life”

– Rose Reisman

Rose Reisman

has been called the ”Nutritional Guru of Canada” by the media. As a Registered Nutritional Consultant, TV personality, Adjunct Professor of Health at York University and author of 19 cookbooks, with several featuring Children’s sections. Rose is literally changing the way Canadians eat and live. Now Rose has been able to focus her expertise on properly feeding children through the elementary school system and camps.

Rose Reisman, CEO of RRC and iconic Canadian food health expert, has devoted her career to improving the average Canadian’s health through balancing their diet. She fulfills her mission every day at RRC, deeply involved In operations but with her primary focus on recipe development, quality control and client advocacy. RRC is the only catering company completely devoted to healthy living and Rose is 100% responsible for the recipe development. Rose heads up our recipe research, investing heavily on innovating techniques that reduce calories and fat but maximize flavour. Rose is maniacal about quality, checking on the food before it leaves the kitchen as well as arriving on site before meetings or events to check presentation. Rose has over 20 years experience in the food, food services and catering business. She has written 19 books, is a regular guest on Breakfast Television, Global TV, 680 News and CFRB, and is writing for several magazines and newspapers. She also creates healthy menus for the Pickle Barrel chain of restaurants.

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